Invati Treatment $30

Treatment for thinning har. Helps to reduce hair loss by 30% & keep the hair you have longer.

Stress-Fix™ Scalp Relieving Treatment with Massage $35
Hair Detox $25

This is a mineral treatment that removes buildup & eliminates chlorine from the hair. 

Botanical Therapy™ Treatment $25

Bring out the beauty of your hair. For your hair type add moisture, repair damage or balance your hair and scalp. Your stylist can recommend the best one for your hair. 


Moisture Treatment improves dry hair up to 86%.

Repair Treatment improves damaged hair up to 84%.                              

Scalp Balance Treatment essential oil blend for healthy hair and scalp. Restoring balance. Your hair will look healthier and shinier and feel soft and silky.

Express Hair Therapy $15

For moisture or repair

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Keratin Smoothing Gloss $250+

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